Ternat, Belgium – Tuesday September, 15.  This evening Chosen.auction concluded with a realistic resulting, selling 13 young horses between four and nine years old. Out of the United States of America, the highest bid was offered for the 4-year-old gelding Mister Gold (Golddigger x Pacific).

Also six-year-old Daredevil 10 (Diarado’s Boy x Califax) was sold for over 100.000 euro. The chestnut gelding remains in Belgium for 110.000 euro. Out of Poland there was a huge interest for the six-year-old mare, Dionne (Diarado x Camaro M). The Polish buyer payed 76.000 euro for the mare.

“We are very happy with this realistic result,” states Damien Haelterman (BEL). “There were some major buyers, but we are super happy with the international interest in our auction.  We had bidders out of Canada, USA, Poland, Slovakia, China, Belgium, Netherlands, Saudi-Arabia, South-Africa, etc.”

“This auction is again the proof good horses sell themselves,” states Juan Carlos Perez (MEX).

The total turn-over of the auction was 752.000 euro, good for an average price of about 58.000 euro per horse.

Photo. © Equ.Media for Chosen.auction