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Terms & Conditions

  1. Chosen BV, a company under Belgian law, with registered office at 1730 Asse, Moretteweg 52, is organizing an online auction for jumping horses.
  2. Participating in this auction implies an explicit and unconditional examination and acceptance of the present auction conditions.
  3. CHOSEN sells on its website horses on behalf of third parties. CHOSEN acts as auction service and the auction committee acts as intermediary between seller and buyer. The buyer has to register on https://chosen.auction/  before being able to participate in the auction.
  4. The horses will be auctioned in the condition they are in at the time of the auction.
  5. The sale will be effected under Belgian law by means of an auction and the assignment to the highest bidder after payment of the settlement amount, whether or not increased by VAT.  The auction will take place under the supervision of an auctioneer who will be appointed by CHOSEN and who will draw up a record of assignment.
  6. Bids and payments will be made in euro.
  7. For each lot of the auction an indicative closing time will be indicated on the website. In case a bid on a lot is made within the 5 last minutes before closure of the auction, the auction of that particular lot will be prolongated by 5 minutes. In that case the prolongated time will be the new indicative closing time.
  8. At the end of the auction the horses will be assigned to the highest bidder. The settlement with regard to the buyer will be thus: the settlement price is composed of: assignment price + 10% buyer’s commission = net price, to be increased by VAT (if applicable). By making a bid the buyer commits himself to paying the settlement price, unless a higher bid is made.
  9. In addition to the assignment price the buyer will pay to CHOSEN a percentage of 10% (excluding VAT) as a commission and participation in the costs of the auction. A down payment into CHOSEN’s account covering the costs of the auction is required preceding the delivery of the horse to its buyer.
  10. 10.The amount of the settlement is due immediately upon assignment of the horse.
  11. 11.After delivery all liability  with regard to the horses auctioned rests on the buyer.  After the auction arrangements will be made between seller and buyer in view of the delivery. The legal relationship is established between seller and buyer, meaning that with regard to the buyer, the seller and not the auction organization will be reliable for every shortcoming that might appear after the auction.
  12. 12.The ownership of the horse will be transferred at the moment of payment to the auction’s organization.
  13. 13.Neither the seller nor the buyer can found any right on the fact that the auction’s organization selected the horses and, if required, submitted them to a veterinary examination upon their request. Preceding the selection and the auction the horses were submitted to a veterinary examination. Records and X-rays can be provided upon first request.
  14. 14.Information concerning the horses aims at giving an impression about the horses’ qualities, without therefore being complete or without giving any guarantees. Describing the lot CHOSEN depends upon the information provided by the seller or third parties.  CHOSEN can not be held reliable in case of possible printing errors and/or material errors on its website and online catalogue.
  15. 15.The buyer is given the opportunity of making an appointment for a test ride, preceding the auction.
  16. 16.In case of export the buyer is bound, within a period of 3 months, to submit a valid export document on penalty of being charged yet with the amount of VAT due.
  17. 17.The buyer has the opportunity of having his purchase insured immediately by Catherine de Buyl Horse Insurance.
  18. 18.In case of dispute only the original Dutch text will apply. Translation of the present auction conditions in any other language but Dutch will only be provided for informative purposes.
  19. 19.The auction’s organization will as a last resort settle any disputes that might occur during auction operations with respect to the sale.
  20. 20.Any dispute arising from this auction and its consequences will be exclusively subject to het Belgian law, excluding the stipulations of the Vienna Sales Convention on international sales.
  21. 21.The Dutch-speaking Courts of Brussels will exercise the  exclusive competence to take note of any possible dispute.
  22. Embryo Sales:
    22.1 With each surrogate mare a warranty is to be paid of 3.000 euro (excl. VAT), that will be deposited on a third party account of chosen.auction. The surrogate mare stays in ownership of the seller, unless seller and buyer agree other terms. At the moment the surrogate mare is returned to the owner, the warranty will be payed back within 14 days.2.2 At the moment of sale, the buyer becomes responsible for the transportation and well being of the surrogate mare inclusive embryo. Until the surrogate mare is returned to the seller / owner, unless seller and buyer agree other terms.
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